Arch0 emerges from stealth with $1.25Mn pre-seed!

3rd April, 2024

Nithin Jois

At Arch0, we're transforming the landscape of cloud security by placing identity at the core of our strategy. Our platform offers a pioneering approach that centralizes identity as the foundational element of cloud security, embedding proactive and automated security measures throughout the entire cloud ecosystem.

Unlike traditional security solutions that operate in silos — like Infrastructure-as-Code[IaC] misconfiguration scans, scanning for leaked secrets, pre-deployment checks in DevOps pipelines, post-deployment resource scans, analyzing logs for observability, and a whole lot more—Arch0 treats the cloud as an interconnected ecosystem.  This enables Arch0 to empower teams to proactively identify, prioritize, and mitigate security threats. Like in most critical domains - prevention is better than cure.

By leveraging (our custom AI models and ) a comprehensive, identity-driven approach, Arch0 not only simplifies the management of complex cloud environments but also significantly reduces the risk profile - thus minimizing the attack surface.

We're stoked to emerge from stealth and are proudly backed by Leo Capital, Village Global, ISV Capital, Appreciate Capital, SuperMorpheus, and a bunch of amazing Angels who've been supportive of our journey since its inception.

Tilak and I (Nithin) are fortunate to have practically grown up together - from teaching each other different facets of programming to speaking and teaching at conferences across the globe together, we'd already come a long way.  I feel grateful to be able to build not just cutting edge products but also a talented team and what we hope will be a world-class company with him. We're blessed to have an amazing early founding team place their trust in us and our vision. If you or anyone you know would like to join us as we attempt to build the future of cloud security, please know that we are a ping away.

Over the next couple of days, we'll be posting a bunch of updates about our journey and what we're building on our socials LinkedIn & Twitter - so be sure to keep an eye out for that!
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